Grand Chapitre de Maçons de l’Arche Royale du Québec
Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Quebec

Fairmount Chapter No. 14

Regular Convocations: 4th Wednesday of the month except June, July August and December.

Installation: January.

Meeting Place: Masonic Temple, 2295 St. Marc, Montreal, QC H3H 2G9

Z: Ex.Comp. K.S. Dadzie

Scribe E: Comp. A. Brigden


Officers 2018


First Principal Z.
Ex.Comp. K.S. Dadzie
I.P.Z. Ex.C. J. Sorin
Second Principal H.
Ex.C. C. Varian
Third Principal J.
Ex.C. O. Lopez
Treasurer  Comp. J. Nasol
Scribe Ezra
Comp. A. Brigden
Scribe Nehemiah
Ex.C. G. Browne
Principal Sojourner
Comp. M. Archambault
Senior Sojourner Comp. W. Fares
Junior Sojourner Comp. S. Nadeau
Director of Ceremonies V.E.C. J.C. Smith
M. of 4th Veil & M.O. Comp. F. Boutin
M. of 3rd Veil & S.O. Comp. A. Fenrich
M. of 2nd Veil & J.O. Comp. I. Boaz
M. of 1st Veil Comp. A. Hattar
Outer Guard Comp. T. Baronian