Grand Chapitre de Maçons de l’Arche Royale du Québec
Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Quebec

Stadacona-Shawenegan Chapter No. 2

Regular Convocations: Second Monday of February, March, April, October and November.

Installation: November.

Meeting Place: Masonic Hall, 51 rue Des Jardins, Québec, Qc.  G1R 4L6

Z: Ex.Comp. D. Garneau

Scribe E: R.E.C. Gilles Simard


Officers 2018

1st Principal Z.
Ex.Comp. D. Garneau
I.P.Z. Ex.Comp. P. Harton
2nd Principal A.
Ex.Comp. A. Jimenez
3rd Principal J.
Ex.Comp. L.N. Robert
Treasurer M.E.C. P. Arturi
Scribe Ezdra
R.E.C. G. Simard
Scribe Nehemiah
V.E.C. G. Chiniara
Principal Sojourner
Comp. E. Plourde
Senior Sojourner
Comp. J.B. Turcotti
Junior Sojourner
Comp. W. Madet
Dir. of Ceremonies R.E.C. G. Thibodeau
M. 4th Veil & M.O. Comp. C. Boucher
M. 3rd Veil & S.O. Comp. E. Nadeau
M. 2nd Veil & J.O. Comp. R. Leclerc
M. 1st Veil
Comp. M. Gingras
Outer Guard Ex.Comp. B. Lepage




Quebec City Masonic Temple

Taken from St. Louis Street with a wide angle. The building was built in 1861 for Masonic purposes. It is located right in the heart of Old Quebec and as such is part of the UNESCO World Heritage.